Tuesday, May 17, 2011

About the author.

Hi everybody,
 I'm Bhupesh sharma. Right now i'm doing MCA(Masters In Computer Application).I live in Jaipur (India).
I'm gonna remember this day cause it's a day when i start a new blog and this blog is just about me. About my life, it's so simple though pretty interesting. and you can count on me cause when i say interesting that means it's really do.
one more thing cause yeah it's a first day of my blogging but it's not my first blog.

95 days after my birth, i knew who is my mom,
90 days after my first syllable, i knew what words are,
30 min after my loved one left me , i knew what tears are,
25 feet off the ground over the cliff, i knew what is it to be alive,
20 days after my dear ones death i knew that life must go on,
3 weeks after my friend left me ,i came to know how does it feel to be alone,
every single fraction of time no matter however you divide, teaches you something,
experience is the only way to get through this life, 
feel it face it,
love people unconditionally,
because in next life you won't meet them.

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